MainStage School of Performing Arts - Where children learn to shine!
In Our Words

From Our "Kids"

"The minute I walked in, I knew I found my home."

"These are MY people - they are my family"

"MainStage is FUN!!"

"No matter what kind of day I've had, walking in the MainStage door for class or rehearsal, makes everything better."

"I would rather be at a MainStage rehearsal than anywhere in the world."

"I learn so much - about theatre, the arts, dance, other people, and myself,"

"I use to be shy, now I'm not."

"Ms. Megan and Ms. Wheeler believe in me so I can believe in myself."

"I feel loved at MainStage."

"MainStage is my joy."

From our Parents

"My child would live at MainStage if possible."

"I recently saw my first Broadway Show.  Until then, I didn't realize how good MainStage productions were and how talented the kids are."

"If a child has talent, Ms. Megan will find it and give it room it to grow."

"My child comes home excited about what she learned and can't wait to go back."

"MainStage is a place where my child can feel safe and feel good about who he is."

"I love how MainStage teaches kids to think outside of the box and encourages them to think bigger and to connect the dots."

"My child, and all of the children, are celebrated at MainStage."

"The teachers focus on each child, encouraging each to be their best."

"There is a true family atmosphere at MainStage.  The older kids mentor and take care of the younger ones."

"Before each performance, Ms. Megan and Ms. Wheeler gather the cast in a circle backstage.  I've heard such beautiful motivating speeches from them.  The kids take to that stage believing they can conquer the world, and then they do."

"It is just an amazing place."


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