MainStage School of Performing Arts - Where children learn to shine!
At MainStage, all students have several performance opportunities each year.  All students, Kindergarten through High School may elect to perform in one of Our Broadway Shows.  This would include additional rehearsal time outside of regular class, but the benefits are enormous.  Children gain in self confidence and self esteem as they learn to creatively solve problems and use critical thinking skills as they bring stories to life through song, dance, and acting.  We become a family and learn to appreciate the talents and abilities of others.

In addition to our shows, all students perform in the year-end revue.  This is our recital and will never last more than 3 hours.  Our Revue features numbers from our shows, new numbers and dazzling dances, from Hip Hip to Old Broadway, to contemporary and Ballet.

By being in one of our Broadway Shows, MainStage kids become a MainStage Player.  This term was coined during Shakespeare's time and perfectly describes the act of acting - we are playing!  At the same time we are learning team building, responsibility, self expression, and presentation of our best selves.  The teachers and staff at MainStage ask for the moon - and the kids give us the moon, the stars, and the sun.

At MainStage, we believe a child learns by doing - so we "DO" a lot of performing for the community and for you.
"To be a MainStage Player takes heart - something our kids have in abundance."
 -Megan Hughes

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